Magician  Entertainer  Illusionist

...of the Mind


“What the ---- just happened? I will never forget this man for the rest of my life!”

                                                                                                                  Al Pacino



Experience Bobby Motta, the mentalist and mind reader who gives a performance you have to see to believe. Canadaʼs own master of the unknown earns props from celebrities here and abroad, astounding stars like Russell Crowe and Nelly Furtado. His incredible ingenuity and stage effects have also made him one of the industryʼs most sought-out consultants behind the scenes, loaning out his secrets to names like David Blaine, and Criss Angel, and consulting on some of Stage and TVʼs biggest production spectaculars to date. His ultra-thrilling style and mesmerizing technique grabs hold and wonʼt let go, blurring lines between reality and the paranormal realms as he pulls you in. Bobby is the epitome of his craft with international appearances that set the bar. Heʼs been featured on almost every major television network and starred in exclusive engagements for a VIP clientele list including the likes of Google, Nike and the Bank of America to name a few. His jaw dropping performances leave even the biggest skeptics as wide-eyed as little kids at a carnival. Bobby is based in Toronto.

                            “One of the most mind blowing shows I’ve ever seen in my life!”

                                                                                                                     Mike Meyers

“Ahhh! @#$% That was crazy!!!”

                                     Nelly Furtado

“I love this guy! And I thought David Blaine was good!”

                                                                     Russell Crow

                             “One of the top mentalists on the planet!”

                                                                         New York Times